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Ensuring Data Privacy Through Secure Document Destruction

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Ensuring data privacy has emerged as a critical concern, regardless of whether it is stored in digital records or physical files. If not appropriately handled, there is a high risk of misuse. This is why secure document destruction is essential, particularly for confidential and sensitive information. It ensures that documents are disposed of and rendered […]

The Importance Of Document Shredding

When it comes to protecting sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality, one often overlooked yet essential practice is document shredding. This isn’t just about physically destroying papers; it’s a vital measure in preventing unauthorized access and misuse of information. Given the rise in identity theft and corporate espionage incidents, grasping the significance of document shredding is […]

8 Reasons Why Document Destruction Should Be Your Priority

Data security breaches and identity theft are a significant concern for all businesses, big or small. If the proper precautionary steps are not taken, an entire company’s proprietary information can be stolen in a short period. Protecting your important information is more than just essential – it’s crucial to safeguard your business from severe financial […]

Mobile Shredding – Now That’s Convenient!

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Paper and file shredders are the perfect solutions to prevent identity or information theft. Terrible losses can result from the theft of valuable information. This is the reason why government organizations, private individuals and businesses opt to use paper shredders to destroy sensitive and confidential information. Privacy experts strongly recommend the shredding of credit cards, […]

All About Commercial Document Shredding Services

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Document Security- A Legal Requirement Since June 1995, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) has been in force. The Act makes it legally binding for companies in the United States to employ a person specifically responsible for destruction of all discarded business related documents in a safe and secure manner with the necessary […]

On-Site vs. In-House Shredding

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These days, there is an urgent need to maintain document secrecy. This is necessary to prevent identity thieves from identifying vital information from discarded documents, canceled checks, old bills, and other such discarded data. Identity thieves can use this information to apply for credit cards in the name of your business – and all too […]

Professional Document Destruction Tips

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Crimes such as business espionage and bank fraud are increasing by the day, with identity theft becoming very common. To protect personal and sensitive information pertaining to your home or business, document shredding is your only recourse. Stay one step ahead of the criminals! It’s The Law! With the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act […]

Document Recycling Methods

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Document destruction has become mandatory by law, in order to prevent the misuse of vital information by unscrupulous individuals. There are a number of Federal and State Enactments such as the FACTA (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) and HIPPA (American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). They mandate the destruction of documents in a […]

Types of Documents You Should Shred

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Importance Of Document Security And Data Protection Document security is a major issue in most companies and businesses. It is crucial to safeguard the interests of your employees and customers. With identity theft on the rise, new laws in the United States stress the importance of document security, to safeguard the privacy of individuals and […]

Top 10 Reasons to Identity-Theft-Proof Your Business

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Identity theft is a serious crime that has challenged legal systems worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, identity theft can take place in many ways, besides web-based and electronic transactions. There have been a number of instances of identity theft resulting from stolen credit cards, business documents and checkbooks. A recent study confirms that only about […]

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