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Shredding Process

We pride ourself on providing highly professional, reliable, and confidential document destruction.

Whether a one-time customer or an account customer, we offer everyone secure, efficient service. Customers never have to worry about mishandling or loss of their documents as the material is destroyed before their eyes. Our service is mobile, allowing you the convenience of shredding at your home, office, or storage facility.

Our shredding process is highly secure.



Unlike small office shredders, our equipment will chew through thick bound computer print-outs. Material may be left in file folders, hanging folders, or envelopes. Fasteners such as binder clips, staples, paper clips, and rubber bands do not have to be removed.


Our truck arrives at your location

Our truck arrives at your location and our trained technician collects your documents into a secure destruction container. This locked bin is wheeled directly to our truck for destruction. We never physically handle your documents. Account customers are provided locked containers to store their material, and this material is destroyed on a preset service schedule. Everything is destroyed on-site by our built-in commercial shredder.


Watch the shredding

The trucks have a viewing monitor which allows customers to view the material in transit to the shredder! Watch as your papers reach the conveyor belt which takes them directly to the shredder. Material is randomly fed into our state-of-the-art shredding equipment that will reduce your confidential information to an unreadable size. When full, the truck contains several tons of paper. It is impossible to reassemble any one sheet. This highly efficient equipment gets the job done quickly, allowing customers to return to their normal routine with minimal interruption.


We recycle 100% of the material we shred

Southland Shredding thinks green, and we recycle 100% of the materials we shred. Cardboard or plastic media are recycled using different processes than paper, and thus we do not destroy these items at the time we destroy paper. Mobile shredding trucks do not have storage capacity to haul off boxes, so in the interest of preserving the environment, we ask our customers to reuse good boxes and recycle those that are damaged.

See how we shred your documents.

Our techs never touch your paperwork. After the bin is dumped, watch the paper disappear! Nothing is left readable after this equipment gets hold of it. Plus, all shredded material is recycled. We all must do our part to preserve and protect our enviroment.

Southland Shredding is NAID AAA Certified

i-SIGMA is the standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID AAA Certification verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program.

Service is the Difference

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