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Why Shred?

Shredding all documents is the safest way of protecting your personal and business information.

“Dumpster diving” is a reality, both individuals and businesses must thoroughly destroy all confidential material. It is not illegal for someone to go through your trash, and there are thieves willing to do so in hope of finding information to use against you for their personal gain.

Residential Customers

Individuals need to shred their personal and confidential information to protect against identity theft and fraud. A survey by Cal PIRG and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in 2000 reports:

  • On average it costs a consumer 175 hours and $800 to resolve the problem.
  • It takes two to four years for victims to clear up the resulting problems.

Shredding your confidential information and that of deceased loved ones is the best protection against identity theft and fraud.

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Business Customers

Why should businesses shred all discarded customer, employee, and company information?

  • Because you have an “implied contract” with customers that you will protect their personal information, violation could result in legal action
  • Because California civil code and federal law require it
  • To avoid steep fines and stiff penalties for violation
  • So the organization will exhibit the highest ethical standards
  • To be green, preserve and protect our environment. At Southland Shredding, we recycle all shredded material.
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Southland Shredding is NAID AAA Certified

i-SIGMA is the standards-setting body for the information destruction industry. NAID AAA Certification verifies the qualifications of certified information destruction providers through a comprehensive scheduled and unannounced audit program.

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