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Top 10 Reasons to Identity-Theft-Proof Your Business

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Identity theft is a serious crime that has challenged legal systems worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, identity theft can take place in many ways, besides web-based and electronic transactions. There have been a number of instances of identity theft resulting from stolen credit cards, business documents and checkbooks. A recent study confirms that only about […]

Proper Document Shredding Helps Deter ID Theft

Confidential document folder

The holiday season seems to be a high point for identity theft as so many financial transactions occur, people get busy and many times aren’t as careful as they usually are. The sensationalism around electronic break-ins of credit card databases, fake emails from banks trying to get your private information, etc. have caused people to […]

Methods of Preventing Identity Theft

Confidential document folder

Be Secure and Shred Documents You can be sure about the safety of your home, by locking up all important documents and valuables. But how would you safeguard your personal identity? What if you knew that the bank documents you threw into the trash can are being used against you? It is always good to […]

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